Website Analysis

Who is your target group?
That is the first thing we do at Walking Star Internet Marketing is determine how these people surf the net.

Robert Harris notes ". . . there is no single perfect indicator of reliability, truthfulness, or value. Instead you must make an inference from a collection of clues or indicators, based on the use you plan to make from evaluating Internet Research Sources.

  • Walking Star internet Marketing evaluates the design
  • Walking Star internet Marketing evaluates your content

1. Speed: Does the homepage downloads efficiently. You have three seconds to hold their attention at your site or they surf on restlessly.

2. Home page: The homepage is attractive, has strong eye appeal.

  • You can tell where you are immediately
    (clear title, description, image captions, etc.)
  • There is an index, table of contents, or some other clear
    indicator of the contents of the site.
  • Site sponsor/provider is clearly identified.
  • Information/method for contacting sponsor/provider is readily available.
  • Copyright date or date site was established is easy to determine.

3. Ease of navigation: 98% of surfers get lost in a website using ineffective navigation.

  • User is able to move around within the site with ease.
  • Directions for using the site are provided if necessary.
  • Directions are clear and easy to follow.
  • The links to other pages within the site are helpful and appropriate.
  • Internal and external links are working properly
    (no dead ends, no incorrect links, no broken links to expired sites, etc.)

4. Use of multimedia

  • The graphics, animations, sounds clips, make a significant contribution to the site.
  • Browser compatibility is equally effective with a variety of browsers such as Netscape, Internet Explorer and Safari.
Walking Star internet Marketing writes a full report of all findings and suggest ideas to optimize or revise your website to current search engine standards.


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