Internet Marketing that targets your client.

Internet marketing isn't complete without a good Enewsletter program. Monthly or quarterly enewsletters can save large amounts of monies on printing and postage and keep your name, successes, products and services in the minds of your current and potential clients.

Also a great way to send a mass thank you, clearance sale or greeting to the most important part of your business: your customers!

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- including how to obtain a large email database of qualified leads!

In short, this is an emailed version of a traditional printed newsletter minus the cost of printing and postage. Business owners need to keep their name, successes, new products and services in front of current and potential clients at all times to stay ahead of their competition.

This Enewsletter can be emailed monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly etc. Compared to traditional newsletter mailing costs i.e 10,000 piece mailing at .37 pp just for postage = $3700, Enewsletters are by far the most cost effective way to drive traffic to your business and website. Clients can elect to “op out” of the mailing or forward on to a friend.

As you database grows, you have access at all times to harvest emails from this program to do your own "mini" mailings in-house"
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