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Question: "Is it true that people are making millions on internet?" Answer: Although there are a few individuals that may be making millions on the Internet, they are the exception -- not the rule.

Making money on the Internet requires a total commitment and takes a great deal of time and effort. It's not going to happen overnight, and it's not easy. However, if you take the time to educate yourself and plan each step very carefully, you can definitely make a nice income online.

Question: "I recently launched a new web site and submitted it to the Search engines, but haven't received the first visitor. Is there something I'm missing here?" Answer: Although launching your web site and submitting it to the Search Engines is a great start, it is only the first step.
Many new Internet entrepreneurs believe that all they need to do is launch their web site and visitors will automatically start scrambling to their site. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way.

Driving a steady stream of traffic to your web site takes a great deal of time and effort. You must develop a strategic marketing plan and continuously work it.

Question: "What, in your opinion, is the best way to market on the Internet, free?" Answer: Writing articles and allowing them to be freely published is the best way to market on the Internet.

By writing articles and allowing them to be freely published, your articles will have the potential to be viewed by millions of Internet users. They may be published by several ezines with subscriber bases of a few hundred to several thousand. In addition, they may be displayed in ezine archives or on high traffic web sites.

What is Internet marketing?
Internet Marketing is a process by which a company attracts potential customers to its website by using a variety of strategies including search engine optimization and linkage research and acquisition. A common misconception about Internet marketing is that it involves only using banner ads or that it consists of just having a website. What many don't realize is that there are many facets to Internet Marketing, and that it is the most cost-effective way a company can reach its marketing goals and objectives. Internet marketing can, with the proper guidance, the right tools and technology and the most effective website, increase brand awareness, improve efficiency, increase revenues and credibility and drive qualified leads.

Is it necessary to have a online as well as a traditional offline marketing program? Yes, it is necessary. As experts in hospitality Internet marketing, E-site Marketing provides clients with highly customized strategy consulting services designed around each company's business model. From analyzing a website to creating a comprehensive e-business plan for your company, E-site Marketing will guide you in developing an Internet marketing program that will enhance and complement your existing offline marketing strategies.

Why is a prominent search engine ranking so important? A prominent search engine ranking can be a very effective way to increase the return on your website investment. A prominent search engine ranking will deliver fresh, targeted traffic to your website consistently over the long term.

• Research indicates approximately 256 million searches are undertaken every day.

• 80% of the people who visit a website for the first time will come through a search engine.

• According to a Forrester Research Media Field Study, "Getting a loyal audience in the first place is best done by Search Engine Placement."

• According to a GVU Users Survey, 84.8% of Internet users use Search Engines to find websites.

• In a recent study released by ActivMedia Research, Search Engine Positioning was ranked as the #1 website promotional method used by e-Commerce sites.

• Search engines create more awareness about websites than all advertising combined including banners, newspapers, TV and radio (IMT Strategies, a division of the Meta Group).

• Search engines make it easy for people to find what they are looking for on the Internet.

How do search engines rank websites? There are 9 different search engines that control 90% of the search engine traffic in the world. Each of these search engines has a specific criteria (algorithm) that it uses to analyze web sites. These algorithms typically consider around 60 separate aspects of a website and compare them against other rival sites which are designed to be found for the same or similar keywords and phrases. Websites that rank highly on results pages are ones that adhere the closest to the specific search engine algorithm.

How do you optimize our site? First, we do not work on your site. All of our work occurs on our replica of your site. Once we have determined the "Key Word Phrases" the actual process of optimization involves strategically placing the key words and verifying up to 60 different parts of the website to make sure it adheres to the current search engine algorithms. We have developed a system that allows you to keep your current site just as it is. For the purposes of Search Engine Optimization we make a "Search Engine Friendly Likeness" of your current website and we host it on our "Search Engine Friendly" servers. You remain in complete control of your current website at all times.

How long before I see better rankings? 6 months. Unfortunately, there is nothing anybody can do to speed up the indexing. It is entirely up to the search engines to determine when they spider and index the site.

If Search Engine Optimization is so important, why didn't it get done when my website was originally designed? In most of the cases, site designers are highly skilled and creative people who see their job as putting your ideas (or their ideas) on the web. More often than not, these designers have not received any training in search engine optimization and don't even think about it while developing your website design. In addition, search engines are constantly changing their ranking criteria. Often, website designers are not fully up to date with changes at search engines.

Will my website maintain a prominent ranking once that is achieved? When your site is properly maintained on a month-to-month basis it is more likely that the movement will be confined to within the prominent rankings. This is the reason we offer our continuing monthly service.

I don't have a huge advertising budget, do you have anything for me? Our advertising packages are designed to produce returns no matter what budget you are working with. We have helped thousands of small businesses, webmasters, affiliate promoters, newsletter owners, and home based businesses, operating with small budgets -- make huge returns from their advertising.

Will You Get All My Keywords Listed On Every Major Search Engine? As long as we are promoting your site, our Internet marketing professionals work to obtain better search engine placement for as many search terms on as many search engines as possible. However, because every search engine acts differently, it is impossible to get a top ranking for every search term on every major search engine.

Do I Really Need To Pay For Directory Listings? While a listing in every directory may not be necessary to achieve top search engine rankings we strongly recommend getting listed in as many directories as possible. Each link from a directory helps increase your site's overall relevancy in search engines such as Google.



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