Is Optimization Important?

Optimization is a big word for lining out your site in a specific priority set by the big search engines, so that crawlers can read fast and efficiently. We improve the readability of your site as the standards change, and they are changing regular with more and more sites hitting the world wide web everyday.

At Walking Star Internet Marketing the optimization changes are made to the content and code of a web site in order to increase it's rankings in the result pages of the search engines and directories. Crawlers are automated robot programs that follow links to visit web sites on behalf of search engines or directories. Crawlers then process and index the code and content of a web page to be stored in the search engine's database.Developing rich content to a web page consist of relevant keywords to the topic at hand. Usually used to refer to using repeated keywords within your body content. Crawlers read from top to bottom and left to right making placement, headings and titles to pages priority information. Cross linking words in the body content to other pages within the same site is highly encouraged by crawler software.Heading tags are formats used in html codes of the body copy and are used to designate importance by numbers one thru six. One being the largest heading these tags are important to (search engine optimization) SEO efforts because much weight is given to keywords contained within these tags used in headings and titles.

There is a lot of work given to keyword analysis that is current and relevant to each marketed target group. A keyword or phase that is used in a search engine query by web surfers to find what they are looking for on the Internet needs to reflect your business niche market. Optimizing a site entails researching keywords and phrases that are used in order to find web sites, and Walking Star Marketing will optimize a web site around those terms.
Link building campaigns engineered in your site are important elements to consider. Who links in, who your linked out to and cross linking within your own web pagese. Links are a very important way to build targeted market groups in your business niche. Credibility of an in bound or an out bound link reflects your business interest and should be checked and revised regularly.

Business Web Site Directory Submission Services properly place url submissions to ensure that your web site is found by the major search engines increasing exposure and drawing new customers to your site.Online web directories come in all shapes and sizes, but there are only a handful that will increase your site's search engine relevance. Thousands of web users search directories each day as a means to find web sites relevant to their needs. A properly submitted site obtaining a relevant directory listing can increase traffic to your site substantially. Sites listed in directories are given a boost in importance when analyzed by the major search engines, which helps improve rankings for your targeted keyword phrases. Our professional business directory submission service ensures that your website is properly submitted to the directories that will make a difference.

Directory Submissions Benefits:

  • Draw additional site exposure
  • Increase traffic, sales and conversions
  • Improve your site's relevance when viewed by search engine algorithms
  • Provide a highly effective, well researched and keyword targeted submission for optimal results

Services Include:

  • Internet Directory Listings Increases Your Site's Visibility
  • All quality, full-scale optimization strategy should include submission of your site to the primary search engine directories.
  • While the line between search engine and directory has been blurred, directory listings can increase your site's overall importance as well as be an avenue of additional targeted internet traffic to your web site.


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