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According to agreed contract each client recieves a full report on a regular basis as to the hour or hours spend on marketing their site on an individual basis. This handles on marketing keeps the client educated and informed as to what we at Walking Star Internet Marketing are doing to keep their site current with modern world wide web search engine changes.

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Monthly Marketing Report
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Walking Star Internet Marketing is creating a Search Engine Optimization formula for your success. We are writing keywords and creating strategies for the Internet spiders to find your site out on the World Wide Web. By properly using web page titles, descriptions on pages or within the site, properly naming Meta tags and alt tags, and creating a linking structure in and out of your site that will increase your ranking within the search engine index’s. Let me define some things for you to better understand what we are doing for you.

Internet spiders are programs that look for information on the Internet and retrieve it for the search engines. A search engine will have Internet spiders to help them read the contents of your website and then add your site into their search index based on the keywords found within your site and what people are searching for.

Alt tags are used to name and title graphics or pictures on a web page as well as any developmental element used by your designer. For example if your have a picture inserted into the content of your site the designer would title it “Yellowstone National Park East Gate entrance”. A spider will read this title and pull it into a search engine index if someone was looking for something about Yellowstone National Park, but it would not receive top ranking in that index particularly.

Meta tags are used as secondary information inserted into the "head" area of your web pages. The Meta tags are keywords that work in conjunction with your body copy throughout the independent pages of your site. Meta keywords tag are secondary to body copy or content which is read by spiders first, they only are used as a way to reinforce the terms/words which you think are important on a page. We place up to 25 words or phrases, with each word or phrase separated by commas into your head area for the spiders to read.

We find keywords by researching word tracking soft wares to discover recommendations for your website development. Why we do this is to insure a higher ranking in the search engines. Each word has a potential number of hits calculated by spiders on the Internet from already established Internet traffic. The numbers tell us how often the spiders searching for information pick up an individual keyword.

Keyword analysis is done monthly to ensure we built into the content of each individual page, the title of pages, and throughout the site’s Meta tag and alt tag the most current naming processes for your site.

The following keywords are added to your site in a variety of ways to best serve the spiders looking throughout your site:

The navigation and linking established throughout your site is primary to Search Engine Optimization. This is the fastest and best way to establish increased traffic and high-ranking position within the search engine indexes. Walking Star’s monthly Internet Marketing program is mainly spent on finding directories and nonreciprocal sites to link to suggesting your URL address be inserted into other websites.

We create an inbound link building campaign as a way to increase the Internet traffic to your site. Generally it can take 2 weeks to several months to notice effected changes as a result of increasing ones link campaign. Once we have suggested your URL address to be added to any directory there is an approval process. We wait to receive approval or denial, if approved we check to see your listing has been added.

Basically there are two kinds of links, ones that cost you money and ones that do not.

We primarily try to stay in the second type of links while marketing your site. Although if we come across a proposal that is profitable it is forwarded on to you to review as a recommendation for consideration, if you want to proceed we will handle the logistics for you but only with your approval.

Non-reciprocal linking is primarily what we do at Walking Star’s Internet Marketing. We spend an hour each month searching the Internet for sites, directories and government agencies to advertise your site for us for free, with no reciprocal links. There are plenty of these out there on the web it is just a matter of finding them on a regular basis.

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