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  • Monitor Site Traffic
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  • Indicate how the site is being used & show what changes need to be made to focus in on the sites main objective.

In the competitive world of internet marketing today,
it is not enough just to have a web site (if you build it, they will come?)....
The Internet Market today boils down to two things:

• A well designed user friendly web site that includes accurate, & creditable content that
needs updated regularly for search engine standards.
• Hands on Internet Marketing program dedicated to improving your website constantly.

Hands On Internet Marketing: Longevity + hourly effort = results. Simply, you have to put time into internet marketing to get the best results. Your competitors, who may have been online and marketing their site for years, may be getting the best positions on the search engines. We can help you to achieve the same results.

Our clients are getting bombarded by promises of huge results for little amount of monies. Many of these offers are scams and do not target your particular customer group. They mass email your url to every email they have in their database similar to "mass" direct mail marketing but the contacts are not verified and the emails are unsolicited.Your emails and url's have become public knowledge and targets for these scanners.

Walking Star offers a full service internet marketing contract to meet your individual or business needs. One can view our service contracts, pay per click budgets, Enewsletter campaigns and basic web marketing services.

Site Analysis is fundamental in figuring out where you are now and where you need to be. We first have to figure out who your clients are and how they surf the net. Looking at the markets competition helps set direction. Then we formula a plan to restructure the content & design to help search engines index your site better.

Optimization is a big word for lining out your site in a certain priority set by the big search engine standards. Crawlers read your site & index specific elements fast and efficiently. We improve the readability of your site and stay current with standards set by the industry.

Basic marketing services increase your current listings in big directories that target your site by categories, which surfers use to find information. Monthly hands-on marketing targets categories to keep your listings current and maintains changes because search engines will drop your ranking position for not staying current.

Statistical Reports are issued to all clients through agreed terms so they can understand how the technical stuff crunches out in numbers and statistical information. The reports monitoring the sites activity; reveal what keywords people type in to find you, how they used your site and if their are errors in your sites functioning. This information is critical to improving your sites positioning in the world wide web.



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